Benefits of Partnership

Focus On Your Patients

You entered this field to help people, not to analyze accounting reports or parse payor and vendor contracts. Let us manage the administrative and operational burdens of your business, freeing you to focus on delivering the very best in patient care.

Grow Your Practice

Good medicine is good business, but you need a sustainable growth strategy and critical investments too. Your medical expertise is your practice’s most important asset. We’ll bring the rest of what you need to succeed.

Focus on Patients

Plan For Your Transition

Whether your retirement is months, years, or decades away, we’ll help you plan for a smooth, stable, and comfortable practice transition. Retire on your terms and timeline, assured of your patients’ continuity of quality care.

Learn How SENTA Can Support Your Success

Patient Experience

We help you optimize the patient experience, supporting your medical expertise with patient convenience, communication, and care coordination.

Technology Investments

We invest in the latest technology and medical equipment, so that you and your practice have all the tools you need to succeed.

Administrative Support

We manage human resources, financing and accounting, billing and collections, payor and vendor contracting, and regulatory compliance, freeing you to focus on your patients.

Professional Development

We coordinate high-level professional development and continuing education opportunities, helping you and your practice deliver the very best care.

Operational Expertise

We use our operational expertise to support you in growing your practice while delivering the highest quality care and patient outcomes.

Strategic Growth

We work with you to plan a strategy for growth through clinician recruiting, new locations, additional service lines, marketing, and referrals.

Join the SENTA Team

Join us as we work to deliver the very best in ENT and allergy care. Whether you’re a doctor who wants to work with one of the Southeast’s top practices or a professional interested in joining the SENTA team, we look forward to hearing from you.

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